Elite Eight, are you in or out?

 That question won’t be answered until after the “Classic” tournament because the standings are so tight with two tournaments remaining nearly all active teams have a chance to make it. Sixteen of eighteen teams are mathematically still in the running to make it into the Elite Eight either directly or indirectly through the Wild Card. The next two tournaments are likely to really shake up the standings, while there are a few teams like Nate and Jake, Mike and Josh, Harbaugh and Harbaugh and Rick and Greg would have to totally implode to fall out of the Elite Eight while the rest of us could move up or down the standings enough to make it in or fall out of the Elite Eight. Geist will be a huge event and can change the standings dramatically but as it stands before the Geist tournament here’s who is in if the Elite Eight teams were decided today 8-3-16:

Nate Redman         Jacob Spencer

Mike Botos             Josh Ray

Phil Harbaugh        Phil Harbaugh JR

Rick Ray                   Greg Rainbolt

Wayne Judd            Byron Johnson

Kevin Mobley         Terry Mobley

Brian Hollis              Jason Smith

Jeremy Crossley    Phil Mobley

Elite 8 Tournament: The Elite 8 tournament is a no entry fee tournament with the purse being paid from accrued funds from the regular season therefore the purse will vary from year to year. Qualifications, The top eight finishing teams from the “Regular Season” standings and the highest finishing “Classic” team not already qualified for the Elite 8 are eligible as a Wildcard team. No substitution teams, teams unable to participate will be awarded 9th, 8th place etc. Substitute participants are not allowed for the Elite 8 Tournament. A tie will be broken by the team with the highest season total points. The date will be part of the regular season schedule but the lake selection will be determined from a blind drawing approximately 1 week prior to the tournament. Each team will submit a lake of their choice. Lakes submitted must be within 150 miles of Indianapolis and will be subject to tournament permit requirements. The Elite 8 Lake will be selected by a blind drawing from the lakes submitted. No pre-fishing or lake access allowed.