What’s the big deal about the “Classic” Tournament?

The real question is “What isn’t a big deal?”

For starters it’s the last point’s tournament of the season. It’s the last two day tournament of the season. It’s at Rough River Lake in Kentucky so it will be a bigger lake and most likely better fishing than any lake we have fished this season. It’s the last chance for teams to make a move and qualify the Elite Eight tournament. Also the highest placing team in the Classic that hasn’t already qualified for the Elite Eight will qualify for the Elite Eight as a Wildcard Team.

Here’s the deal, you must qualify for the “Classic” by fishing in 50% or more of the regular season tournaments (fished three or more tournaments) and pay a Classic buy in of $17.50 for each tournament missed so if you fished four tournaments you would have to pay an additional $17.50 x 2= $35.00  buy in for the tournament you missed.  

Awards for or the Classic include the team members name’s engraved on the Classic Trophy and possession of the Classic Trophy until the next seasons Classic Tournament when it is to be awarded to the next seasons Classic winning team. Four places will be paid with up to 20 participants. The “Classic” purse is 100% of the entry fees collected plus a $1000 bump from funds escrowed throughout the season. See the official rules for more details.

Here’s a list of teams that qualify for the 2016 “Classic” without any additional buy in required.

Nate Redman                  Jacob Spencer

Mike Botos                      Josh Ray

Phil Harbaugh                 Phil Harbaugh JR

Rick Ray                          Greg Rainbolt

Wayne Judd                    Byron Johnson

Kevin Mobley                  Terry Mobley

Brian Hollis                      Jason Smith

Jeremy Crossley             Phil Mobley

Jason Lough                   Jason Burnett

Josh Hayes                     Scott Bozek

Ted McClintick                Natalie McClintick

Cecil Lillard                     Tom Nelis

Kevin Crossley Jr            Kevin Crossley Sr

Todd Taylor                     Thomas Spandou

Ken Bilyeu Jr                   Ken Bilyeu Sr

Tony Bernard                  Bob Curtis

Michael Williams             Johnny Williams

Jon Lange***                   Marvin Mitchell***

**** Need to fish the Geist tournament on August 20th  and pay an additional $52.50 buy in to cover the missed tournaments to qualify for the "Classic"

No other teams meet the minimum number of tournaments required to qualify for the 2016 Classic.