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***Read carefully, Lake Manitou is a new lake for the Indy Bass Club***

Indy Bass Club Tournament Reminder:

Date: April 30th, 2016

Location:  Lake Manitou, Rochester Indiana, Lake Manitou Public Access Ramp 1430 E. 9th Street Rochester Indiana 46975

Check in – 5:45am to 6:30am

Pre Tournament Meeting and #1 Auction will be on the water in the boat ramp bay from 6:35am to 6:45am.

Launch – 6:45am

On-line research has not indicated any launch fee. There is a 14 inch size limit of 5 black bass (largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass) per team.  Culling must be done upon the catch of fish number 6.  Please make sure you have read the club rules and are familiar with them.  There have been a few updates since last year. 

Directions from Indianapolis:  From the Indianapolis International Airport go North on I-465 N/I-74 for 11 min (7.9 mi) and take US-31 N for 1 h 37 min (101 mi) to Wabash Ave in Rochester Township Continue on Wabash Ave for 6 min (3.0 mi) and turn Right on E. 9th Street / Indiana 25 to your destination on the right at 1430 E. 9th Street / Indiana 25 Rochester, IN 46975

Officers – Please arrive at 5:30am to launch your boat then get in position for registration, check in and live well checks.

From the town of Rochester go east on 9th St. / Ind. 25 to the Manitou Lake Public Access stay in the right lane and be prepared to turn right into the ramp parking lot. Turn on your hazard lights while waiting in line in the right lane of 9th Street, have your live wells open for live well checks. Go to the IBC check in table just inside the parking lot and Check-In with the officers and pay your $90 entry fee to Jason Smith. Bring some $10’s and $20’s if possible.  Make sure you are marked as paid.  After you have paid see Byron Johnson to draw your launch number. While you are checking in someone will check your live well and tag your trolling motor. After you have checked in move your rig to the parking lot and when you have your boat completely ready to launch proceed to the ramp and launch your boat. YOUR LIVE WELL MUST BE CHECKED BEFORE YOU LAUNCH YOUR BOAT.

After launching your boats: There are only (8) rig parking spots at the ramp lot. As a courtesy please save the first (4) rig parking spots for the following teams:  Todd Taylor/Thomas Spandou, Rick Ray/ Greg Rainbolt, Gena Lynam/Carter Shackleford and Ken Bilyeu Jr/Ken Bilyeu Sr so they don’t have to walk the extra distance from the over flow lot. Overflow parking: We have received permission to park our rigs at the Shafer Medical Clinic across the street from the ramp. Turn left out of the parking lot and make an immediate right turn into the parking lot of Shafer Medical Clinic. Drive far enough back into the lot to turn around and drive back to the front of the lot and angle park on the right side facing the road. This should make it easy when pulling out after the tournament. To reduce congestion please refer to the attached map.

A Pre- tournament meeting will be on the water via megaphone (weather permitting).  Size limit, off limits, 1st place auction, what’s considered a live fish, weigh in location & procedures and other formalities will be addressed here.  If you are late for the tournament, it is your responsibility to find another member on the lake to have your live well checked before you begin fishing.

Weigh in – be inside the ramp bay by 2:45pm. No lines in the water after 2:45pm.  You will be advised of the weigh in location and procedures at the pre-tournament meeting after we have a chance to decide what will work best. We have tentatively planned to trailer your boats or park them at an open dock or beach them on the swim beach. The weigh in is planned to be in the corner of the parking lot near the beach. Weigh in will begin after the officers are in place approximately 3:00pm. Please keep your fish in your live wells with the aerator’s running until we open the weigh in. An announcement will be made when the scales are open. To help protect the fish please do not bring your fish to be weighed until the scales are declared “Open”

We will weigh the fish as fast as possible. If you have a fish that you want weighed for big bass select the fish and submit it to the weighmaster. If you need to conduct a courtesy measurement on a questionable fish tell the weighmaster you need to measure a fish. Once you turn your fish over to the weighmaster they are considered your official submission, any short or dead fish will be subject to the appropriate penalty. If you have a stressed fish, notify an officer and we will weigh your fish as quickly as possible. After your fish have been weighed you can walk you fish back the ramp or beach area to release your fish. Do not release any dead fish back into the water. A few club members will take them home for dinner.

**Please make sure your live wells are in good working order. To reduce fish mortality bring extra ice to add to your live well and possibly purchase additives like “Catch and Release” or “Please Release Me” or “Rejuvenade” available at Outdoorsman Sport Shop, Honey Creek Tackle, Bass Pro Shop or Wal-Mart that helps reduce stress and removes chlorine. A ½ pound (8 oz.) penalty for each dead fish will be strictly enforced. The Tournament Director will make the final decision on “Dead” fish.  It is not our goal to penalize anglers but to protect the wellbeing of the fish, so take good care of your fish.

Accepting New 
2016 Team Membership

 The Indy Bass Club is a “Team Based Club” meaning that a two person team with a Boater and Co-Angler joins as a team and will fish all the regular scheduled tournaments as a team. Annual team membership is $60 and members are required to complete and sign the “Official Liability Release” form.

 The Indy Bass Club is more than a bass fishing club, of course we fish just like all of the other clubs however we also do what we can to help others in the club become better anglers. We will have a fishing class that we call IBC101 at our first pre-season meeting. We have members from our own club share their knowledge and experience by putting together a presentation and instructing the club on different aspects of fishing. We sometimes share information before a tournament and always after a tournament. We usually meet for breakfast or dinner before or after most any event and everyone is invited. Each year we schedule two (2) day out of town tournaments allowing everyone to hang out on Saturday night. These are great opportunities to learn and make new friends.

 Although we have tournament entry fee’s the fees are modest at $90 per tournament, per team which includes a 75% tournament payout on $70 and $20 goes towards the daily big bass pot for 1st and 2nd Big Bass, just enough to provide payouts that help maintain a level of competitive interest but not so much that it becomes the main focus. We do not consider ourselves a money club, this club is not a good match for someone looking to make money. We have a number of very good competitive anglers but we are not cut throat. We pay out 75% of entry fees to the top 3-4 finishing positions at each tourney. The other 25% is saved in a “Classic and Elite 8 and Expenses” fund and is paid out during our end of the season “Classic” tournament and the “Elite 8” tournament.

 The Indy Bass Club will begin accepting new “Team” memberships for the 2016 season on November 16th2015. Membership will be closed when we reach (25) paid memberships or April 15th 2016. We look forward to hearing back from you as you consider joining the Indy Bass Club.

For more information or to join the Indy Bass Club please send an email to


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